Distributed Network Management Solution


EzMaster Network Management Software 

expands the flexibility and scalability of Neutron Series Managed Access Points and WLAN Controller Switches. 

EzMaster allows organizations, such as branch offices and managed service providers, to easily and affordably deploy, monitor and manage a large number of Neutron APs and Controller Switches across geographically diverse properties. 

Deploy ezMaster locally, remotely or via a Cloud-based service with or without an onsite WLAN Controller Switch.

Powerful Scalable Option

EzMaster scales with your growing business needs. Manage 1,000+ Neutron Access Points and Controller Switches and 10,000+ concurrent users. Together, Neutron APs, Switches and ezMaster provide a flexible, fully integrated solution with redundancy support and future expandability for broader device connectivity.

Simplified Device Management

EzMaster Network Management Software makes centralized device management easy. How? Through centralized bulk configuration, provisioning and monitoring, a comprehensive at-a-glance network dashboard, rich analytics and reporting, and much more.



Centralized Management

  • Configure, Managed & Monitor 1,000+ Neutron Devices
  • Cross-Network AP Management
  • AP Group Configuration


Access Point Configuration & Management

  • Auto Channel Selection
  • Auto Tx Power
  • Background Scanning
  • Band Steering (Auto Band Steering & Band Balancing) - Client Isolation
  • Client Limiting
  • Fast Roaming
  • L2 Isolation
  • LED On/Off Control
  • Multiple SSID
  • RSSI Threshold
  • Secure Guest Network - Traffic Shaping
  • VLAN Isolation
  • VLAN Tag

Comprehensive Monitoring

  • Device Status Monitoring - Floor Plan View
  • Map View
  • Rogue AP Detection
  • System Status Monitoring
  • Visual Topology View
  • Wireless Client Monitoring
  • Wireless Coverage View
  • Wireless Traffic & Usage Statistics


Management & Maintenance

  • Bulk Firmware Upgrade
  • Captive Portal
  • Email Alert
  • ezRedundancy (coming 2016) - Kick/Ban Clients
  • One-Click Update
  • Remote Logging
  • Seamless Migration
  • SmartSync Redundancy (coming 2016) - Syslog

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