Distributed Network Management Solution

Optimized Wireless Performance

Continuously monitor the RF environment, including neighbouring APs, with Background Scanning and enable automatic control of AP transmission power and channel allocation ensuring optimized RF coverage and wireless performance. Configure multiple APs for Fast Roaming, securing seamless connectivity as mobile users move between Access Points. Provide for maximum client performance as Band Steering automatically directs clients to the appropriate RF channel, while Band Balancing intelligently works to maintain a balanced number of clients per AP.


Distributed Control, Centralized Management with ezMaster

Centrally manage an unlimited number of independent distributed networks form a single, at-a-glance dashboard, no matter where they’re located. Manage 50-1,000+ Neutron APs and Controller Switchees and 10,000+ concurrent users. ezMaster makes centralized network management easy through bulk configuration, provisioning and monitoring; rich analytics, reporting and much more. Monitor APs with or without an onsite Controller Switch, and have the flexibility to deploy ezMaster on a local or remote server or via a Cloud-based* service. 
(Feature available December 2015)


Simplified Deployment & Provisioning

Save time and resources with Neutron Series’ easy-to-use web interface, simplified management and one-click updates. Automated AP provisioning and intuitive configuration tools help streamline mass AP deployments. And since the Neutron Series is easy to deploy, manage and operate, with no extensive learning curve, you’ll spend less on administrative overhead, travel costs and training.


Neutron Controller Switches, A Full-Features WLAN Platform

A powerful, full-featured platform capable of managing up to 50 Neutron APs each, Neutron Controller Switches offer redundant management between APs and ezMaster with SmartSync Redundancy; and future expandability for broader device connectivity and management. Neutron Switches also act as a wireless controller, giving IT administrators visibility into all connected Neutron devices a full array of Layer 2 Management tools.

Versatile AP Portfolio Features High-Capacity 11ac

Neutron’s versatile line of high-performance, managed, indoor ceiling-mount and outdoor ruggedized APs range from Single- Band 11n models to high-capacity 3x3 Dual-Band 11ac versions, all featuring Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) convenience. For added versatility, Neutron APs can operate as a standalone device, be managed through a Neutron Controller Switch or centrally managed via ezMaster software.


Create Secure, Branded Captive Portals

Organizations that offer Internet access to patrons or visitors – notably hotels, retail shops and restaurants – will appreciate Neutron’s Captive Portal and Guest Network capabilities. Establish a secure Guest Network that blocks access to main corporate computers and create separate Virtual LANs for increased security, network reliability and bandwidth conservation.



Comprehensive Network Protection

With the Neutron Series, your network is protected from attacks at multiple levels through advanced wireless encryption standards such as Wi-Fi Protected Access Encryption and authentication database, 802.1X with RADIUS server. Network threats are quickly detected and avoided through rogue AP detection, email alerts and real-time wireless invasion monitoring, allowing for immediate action to divert network hacks and other security threats.


Rich Report & Analytics

A wealth of invaluable reporting, analytics and real-time monitoring tools, with email alerts, give IT management instant insight into system efficiencies and issues. With tools like wireless client monitoring, and traffic and usage statistics, potential problems can be pinpointed and addressed before they effect users. Neutron provides centralized network visibility in areas such as traffic flow, demand, network topology and more.

> Statistics View provides real-time and historical visibility of traffic flow.
> Topology View automatically maps network deployment and displays device relationships.
> Floor View allow administrators to upload floor plans and drop AP markers for a visual
    representation of any network on the system.
> With Google® Map View you can quickly drop AP markers and locate deployed APs across
    cities, regions or countries.

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