Distributed Network Management Solution

Flexible, Scalable, Enterprise-Class Management Solution

Today’s networks must be flexbile, robust and effective as the organizations they serve. Often they comprise different buildings, business units, infrastructures, sizes and topologies. These distributed networks can place an enornouse burden on in-house IT personnel or managed service providers seeking to install, configure, provision, manage, monitor, and upgrade a potentially vast collection of Switches and Access Points.

Fortunately, EnGenius has the answer: the Neutron Series Distributed Network Management Solution. This highly flexible, scalable and fully integrated solution offers simplified configuration and management with enterprise-class performance, feature rich Managed Access Points, WLAN Controller Switches and ezMaster™ Centralized Network Management at an incredible price point - with NO AP licensing, subscription or tech support fees.



Manage a few or 1,000+ APs

Start small or go big with the Neutron Series. Easily deploy and manage a few or 1,000APs, Switches and 10,000+
concurrent users on an unlimited number of networks distributed across various cities, regions or countries,
regardless of their size and infrastucture.



Unlimited Flexibility

No matter what your business size, the Neutron Series is flexible enough to meet the needs of your network. Operate Neutron APs alone or manage up to 50 per Neutron Controller Switch; and centrally manage unlimited APs and Switches via ezMaster locally, remotely or via the Cloud.

Enjoy Lower Capital & Operation Expenses

Many competing solutions require costly hardware, per AP licensing, and annual subscription and tech support fees.

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