Your Deployment, Simplified

Configure all your devices with a single click.

Implement Your Optimized Solution

Solidify your projects with EnGenius' comprehensive line of hardware implementing your network designs from the ezWiFi Planner.

Wi-Fi With No Limits

EnGenius has you covered! Managed hardware to fit any budget or application. Enterprise-Class Wave 2 equipment for indoor, outdoor, point-to-point, or point-to-multi-point solutions.

Remote Power, Essential Placement & Convenience

Port density and power budget options allow you to take advantage & place your AP's anywhere. EnGenius offers 8, 24, & 48 Port PoE+ managed switches to complete any solution.

Quality Preparation to Rapid Installation

Deploy smarter with great planning & quality hardware. Let ezMaster do the hard work for you with quick auto-provisioning & configuration of all you networks.

Setting up ezMaster for Network Configuration and Management


Choose Local or AWS

Download ezMaster for deployment on a machine at home or on the cloud.


Run the one-button setup wizard

The Quick Installation Guide is available for clarification on topics such as opening ports on your firewall.


Auto-discover connected devices

Simply click the device inventory button and ezMaster will build a topology of connected network devices for you (instances on AWS also require registration).


Configure in bulk

Group devices together and apply settings and updates uniformly with a single click and done!



The EnGenius Access Point Portfolio, Built for ezMaster

The ezMaster software tools make for effortless remote management of your access points and switches. Deploy ezMaster on a web server or locally at no extra cost.

ezMaster Solution

Upload an instance of ezMaster to AWS free tier, and roll out configuration and updates to hundreds of devices simultaneously. Available to all EnGenius customers.

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