The Smart and Intuitive
Wi-Fi Planning Tool

Create a floor plan simulation on the cloud. ezWiFi Planner intelligently places access points with heatmaps of Wi-Fi coverage, and generates customized reports for your boss or client.

Step 1

Create Your Floor Plan

Upload  your floor plan and mark coverage and exclusion zones. Designate areas by type (office, elevator, etc.) and add building materials that may block coverage, such as metal doors or concrete walls. The ezWiFi Planner automatically adjusts to the local Wi-Fi channel regulations of your project location.

Step 2

Place Access Points Automatically

The ezWiFi Planner algorithms intelligently calculate coverage  area with fewer access points required. Color-coded heatmaps let you visualize the placement and signal strength of each access point. Eliminate risk of overlap and gaps in your layout coverage.

Step 3

Extending Your Coverage Outdoors

If you are creating a connection between two buildings, the WDS Link shows signal strength and distance between two access points, and informs you when they are spaced too far apart. Need outdoor Wi-Fi? Add an external antenna to any access point and rotate to see its coverage area.

Step 4

Customize for Client Needs

Use the ezWiFi Planner to create a positive first impression with your clients. Adjust any parameters in your layout and reload to see changes to your heatmaps instantly.

Step 5

Generate Reports

When finished with your plan,  generate reports customized to your parameters as actionable results for a boss or client. Available in MS Word or PDF format. Reports include floor plan overviews, AP placement locations, access point model data, and likely signal coverage scenarios.

Environment Setting

AP Locations

AP List

Signal Coverage

WDS Mode

Powerful and Competitively Priced

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