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EnGenius Launches Robust Wireless Solution

The EnGenius ENH210 is a high-speed long-range outdoor 802.11n Wireless-to-Ethernet Client Bridge that operates on 2.4GHz band that is compliant with the IEEE802.11b/g/n standards and features a MIMO (Multiple In/Multiple Out) antenna design delivering a wireless data rate of   up to 300Mbps.
The versatile, high-speed ENH210 can function as a Client Bridge, Client Router, or Wireless Distribution System (WDS) Bridge. Utilizing its integrated internal 14dBi, dual-polarised antenna and its high power output, the ENH210 delivers higher throughput across an extended range making it an ideal CPE offering for a Wireless Internet Service Provider.
ENH210 also features a robust security feature set that includes support for 64/128/256-bit WEP encryption, WPA/WPA2 Personal and Enterprise encryption, 802.1x authentication, hidden SSID and MAC address filtering. The multiple operation modes of the ENH210 make it an ideal solution for creating a high-speed, stable and highly secure outdoor wireless link between buildings, connecting surveillance cameras, or connecting outdoor digital sign to an office network.
ENH210 EXT is a variation which is suited for base station deployment. With the additional gigabit port, ENH210 EXT proven to be the most recommended Outdoor base station for integration with gigabit networks, IP Surveillance and high density usage in WiFi Hot spots.
The ENH210 series also includes a comprehensive package of outdoor mounts and bracket to cater for “out-of-the-box” solution and ease of use.
Includes EnGenius Zone Controller Access Point Management software for configuring, managing and monitoring. Zone Controller is a valuable tool for organizations that deploy multiple EnGenius long-range, versatile wireless networking products into complex networking environments.
The software enables IT administrators to optimize network performance and eliminate downtime while significantly reducing the time and effort required to manage the network by providing administrators with the ability to create a facility map to depict real-time wireless coverage and allowing the monitoring and control of each asset, including the ability to push firmware upgrades.
Recommended application scenarios:
This robust device will be available near your EnGenius Authorised Reseller or System Installer by quarter 2 of 2012.
About EnGenius Networks Singapore Pte Ltd
EnGenius Networks Singapore Pte Ltd is a global technology innovator specializing in long-range telephone, data communications. The company pioneered the “Affordable Long Range Wireless” product category.  Its award winning, long-range devices consistently outperform competitors’ deployment coverage. Established in 1993, EnGenius Networks Singapore Pte Ltd, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Senao Networks, a Taiwan RF communications manufacturing company.