Full Control of Your Home, Networks at Your Fingertip

By EnMesh™ App, setting up and managing your Wi-Fi system can be so easy to give you total control and
insight of entire wireless network in your finger





One-Click Network Monitoring

Any problem with your connection?  You can quickly check the mesh network
status by evaluating Wi-Fi signal strength among mesh devices and see real-time 
Internet speeds to verify your connection quality.




Get Your Friends Connected

With EnMesh™ App, it's easy to create separate guest Wi-Fi Network for visitors,
keeping your network secure while sharing access instantly with your friends and guests.




Parental Control to Protect Your Children

Surfing schedule can be different by individuals.
With parental control, parents are able to control 
internet usage rules for your children by various profile, 
surfing schedules or pause the internet during homework,
dinnner & bedtime.

                           Always Keep Update to Latest Patches

                                                        Achieve higher performance and more functions
                                                        by either auto or one-click software upgrade



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