Flex Your Wi-Fi

Remotely monitor, manage & troubleshoot.

ezMaster empowers you to easily set up and
maintain multiple customer sites remotely, 
saving time, minimizing truck rolls,
reducing operations costs and more,
all with no license or subscription fees.


Save time, Build Revenue and Improve Efficiencies


Complete Scalability

Start small and grow; control an office network or multiple networks in separate buildings.
Expand and easily see your devices across town, states or the country.



Choose the best options to manage your networks.

Unlimited Flexibility : EnGenius hardware and ezMaster software combine to add flexibility and management simplicity when you need it.


Rich Reporting & Analytics

Pinpoint & address potential problems before they affect users with invaluable reporting, analytics & real-time monitoring tools.


Gives you at-a-glance insight into your networks' status and provides you the ability to drill down to problematic locations, Switches, Access Points and client devices.

Statistics view

Provides real-time and historical visibility of traffic flow. 



Topology View

Automatically maps network deployment and displays device relationships.

Floor Plan view

Allows you to upload floor plans and drop AP Markers.



Map View

Is useful for quickly locating deployed APs in larger, multi-site deployments.

Wireless Coverage Display

Is located in the Floor Plan View, indicates the coverage range of indoor APs for proper Wi-Fi planning.



Simplified Deployment & Provisioning

Save time and resources with ezMaster's easy-to-use web
interface, simplified bulk configuration, and one-click
updates. Automated AP provisioning and intuitive
configufation tools help streamline mass AP deployments.

Comprehensive Network Protection

Protect and control your network with advanced, standards-based security via Wi-Fi Protected Access Encryption, and Pre-Authentication. Potential breaches are quickly identified Rogue AP Detection, Email Alerts, and real-time Invasion Monitoring quickly divert network hacks and other security threats.


Secure Guest Networks

& Branded Captive Portals

Offer secure internet access to
patrons or visitors with ezMaster's
captive portal and Guest Network features.
Provide secure, regulated access;
customize splash pages and
establish a protected Guest Network.
Create separate Virtual LANs for
increased security, network reliability,
and bandwidth conservation.

System Requirements


Recommended environment for managing up to 500 APs

CPU : Intel® Core™ i7 quad-core or above
RAM : 4GB minimum
HDD : 500GB (actual requirement is dependent on log size)
OS : Microsoft® Windows® 7 or later + VMware® Player 7.0 compatible virtualization software

Recommended environment for managing up to 1000 APs

CPU : Intel® Xeon® Processor E3 or above
RAM : 4GB minimum
HDD : 500GB (actual requirement is dependent on log size)
OS : Microsoft® Windows® 7 or later + VMware® Player 7.0 compatible virtualization software

Browser Requirements

Internet Explorer 10 or better
Firefox 34.0 or better
Chrome 31.0 or better
Safari 8.0 or better

Network Topology Requirements

At sites where APs are deployed : A DHCP-enabled network for APs to obtain IP address



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