The ENH202 can be set up as a Client Router so that the user does not
have to know the IP scheme of the wifi hotspot.

If you already have access to the router graphical user interface (GUI)
please proceed to step 3 otherwise reset the ENH202 back to factory
default and connect the ENH202 to a computer.

Set a static IP address of on the local area connection of
the computer. Open a web browser and type in the IP address of the
ENH202 on the address bar. The default IP address is You
may need to temporarily disable firewalls and anti-virus as some may
hinder access to the graphical user interface (GUI).

Go to “Operation Mode” under “System”. Set
the country/region and select the operation mode “Client
Router”. Click on the “Save & Apply” button at
the bottom of the page.


Go to Router Settings and set the WAN Internet connection type to

Go to the LAN settings and set the IP address to the subnet that you
want. Example:

IP address and the subnet mask to
Enable the option to use the Router as the DHCP server and using the
above example, set the starting IP address to and the end
IP to

Click on “Save” the click on the Save/Reload button under
Status then click on “Save and Apply” at the end of the

After the processing is complete, set your computer local area network
to obtain IP address automatically.

Open a web browser and access the user interface using

Go to wireless network and click on Site Survey.
Connect to the desired wireless network and make sure that you know the
wireless password.

Please make sure that the wireless connection does not ask you to log
in on a captive portal before you can internet connection. The ENH202
will not authenticate using those means.