This article will show you how to create a new project on ezMaster


Please make sure that you have the ezMaster installed and active/running
on a host computer.

Open youre web browser (i.e. Internet explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla

Type the IP address of the ezMaster to the address bar of your web
browser. Type the login credentials you created upon installing the
ezMaster software.


The ezMaster software version 0.11.12 or later give you 2 ways to create a
new project. See below

#1 Click the “Create New Project Option”


 #2 Click the folder icon ”P” (located at the upper
left portion of the GUI)



Create a name and description of the project and click Apply

The ezMaster software will notify you if you successfully crated a new
project. Click OK to confirm 



Project/s will show on the home screen of the ezMaster software