The firmware found in the website is in .rar compression format. To
extract the firmware the customer has to install winrar or .rar compatible
extraction software on his computer or use an online .rar extraction
service/website. Windows 7 does not natively support .rar compression.


This is how to install and use WINRAR in Windows 7


Open your web browser. Double-click on any
web browser on your desktop.
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    Head to the RAR Lab website. On the
    address bar of your browser, type in
    on the address bar and hit "Enter" on your keyboard.
    It should take you to the official site’s download page.
    Up top are the most stable versions depending on your system

    • To know what your system type is, right click on "My
      Computer" and select “Properties.” Scroll
      down until you see “System Type,” and on the
      right side is your system type.
    • For Mac, just select the link to the MAC OS X version of
      WinRAR that is located right below the Windows versions.
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    Install WinRAR. The installer
    should then be saved in your system’s default download
    folder if you haven’t changed it, which should be called
    "Download." Double-click on the installer to initiate
    the installation process.

    • The default installation settings should be fine, so just
      keep clicking “Next” until the process
    • After the installation finishes, the WinRAR shortcut should
      be right in your desktop.


Using WinRAR

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    Launch WinRAR. After installation
    finishes, you can launch the software. Double-click the shortcut
    to run it. You should then be shown several options.
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    Extract files from an archive. In
    the main window of WinRAR, you will see a directory navigation
    pane at the bottom of the toolbar. This lets you navigate
    through your computer’s files to find archived files.
    Click on an archived filed to see its contents. Select the ones
    you want to extract by highlighting them, then dragging them to
    your desktop.

    • You can also extract files to a specific folder by clicking
      “Extract to” in the toolbar at the top after
      selecting the desired files. Then your system will let you
      choose a specific folder to put the files in.