"There are two methods to identify the hardware version.
Device Label on the Switch: HW version

2. The EGS2110Pv1 and the EGS2110Pv2 can also be distinguished through
their firmware.
Firmware version 1.00.xx –> EGS2110Pv1
Firmware version 1.05.xx –> EGS2110Pv2

There are different chipsets in v2 vs. v1. v2 has the same core chipset as
the other managed switches, so the v2 supports all of the managed switch
features (ACLs, LACP, etc.). The v1 only had a smart switch chipset, and
thus only had limited layer 2 features and functions.

Do not be confused by EnGenius's marketing use of the term
""smart switch"" vs. ""managed
switch"". Current hardware, including the new EWS1200 series
non-PoE switches, are all full layer 2 managed switches. "