An AP MeshCam FAQ.


Note: In this scenario the router is EMR3000 and the camera is

Enable Remote Access from EMR3000 locally using EnMesh.

Step 1:
Launch EnMesh app and login.




Step 2:

 Go to Settings by tapping on the 3 horizontal lines at the top
right of the screen and choose Advanced option. You will be
routed to the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of EMR3000’s login
screen. Input your EMR3000's login credential and tap




Step 3:

 On the EMR3000’s GUI, tap on Tools on one of the tabs
and choose Remote Access. Enable Remote Access and set Method to All
Host then, tap on Save & Apply button.




These steps will be done remotely and will be configured on the phone
which will be used to access the camera.

Step 4: Download and launch EnViewer app and tap
on the plus (+) sign at the top right corner of the screen.
Input the Camera Settings like Camera Name, Username, Password,
Domain IP, and UID then tap Done to save the settings.



Note: To get the camera settings, follow the steps below using a
using phone connected locally to the EMR3000 and has access to
the EWS1025CAM using EnViewer. 


Step 5:

 Tap on the Camera that you would like to view.