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How do I access my home Gateway/Router and network settings when I’m away from home?

Before you start the configuration, please find the label located on the bottom of EnGenius device and refer to the Unique ID (UID) or DDNS Domain that is exclusive for your device. Please note the info for processing the remote login.


In the login page, besides entering username and password, please also select the way to access your home network settings.


A. Access EnShare via Unique ID (UID): You can simply enter the UID and click on Remote Login to proceed. Or you can take photo of QR Code labeled on the bottom of device and save it to Album in advance. Then, scan it from photo album whenever you need to process the login on the go.


B. Access your router via EnGenius DDNS service: You can also find a unique EnGenius DDNS domain name on the bottom of router’s device label. The DDNS domain format is “ooooooo.engeniusddns.com”.


You may enter the unique DDNS domain name in your web browser to access your router page.


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