The ECB350 is an 802.11n multi-mode indoor device. It has multiple modes
such access point, client bridge, AP router, and universal repeater. As
such they can be used in pairs with one ECB350 as an access point and
another as a client bridge.


Below are some steps that may help if the throughput is between ECB350
units is low:


1. Clear line-of-sight between the AP and the CB is preferred though that
may prove to be challenging indoors. Install the AP and CB where there are
less physical obstructions such as walls between units.


2. Check the RSSI. Very good connections usually have an RSSI of -45 dBm
to -60 dBm.


3. Scan for other WiFi signals and set the AP to the least congested
non-overlapping channel.


4. Use WPA2-PSK (AES only) wireless security as 802.11n requires AES
encryption to function at N data rates. WPA2-PSK (AES only) is also the
most secure wireless security setting available.


5. Do not place the AP and CB near non-WiFi sources of 2.4GHz signals such
as Bluetooth, 2.4GHz cordless phones, microwave ovens, etc…