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How to override the wireless setting when Access Point(s) are in AP Groups?

When Access Points are in AP Groups, You can only select one specific setting that will apply to all Access Points in the AP Groups

To override the wireless settings:

Login to ezMaster or Neutron Controller

Go to Device Management and select Access Points.

Click the Device Name of the Access Point that you would like to override the wireless settings.


Go to Wireless Radio Settings

Here, you can override the wireless settings of an Access Point. (i.e. Wireless Mode, Channel HT Mode, Extension Channel, Channel, Transmit Power, Client Limits, and Data Rate)

If you need to change additional items that are not available here, such as adding an additional SSID that is unique to a particular AP, then you will first need to remove the AP from its associated AP Group. Once the AP is removed, it will retain all of the settings inherited from the AP Group, but the AP is now set up for individual configuration through the Neutron controller or ezMaster, and all settings on that individual AP can be altered as needed.


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