Device Models and Firmware versions:

EWS5912FP: v1.05.42-c1.8.55

EWS860AP: v2.0.239-c1.7.10


Scenario: Adding a new EWS access point that has an outdated firmware


After adding the AP to the Managed AP list, it shows the status as
“Incompatible Version”.


The controller will then prompt the user that the firmware of the access
point(s) is/are incompatible and ask to check for updates. (Click OK to


Controller will provide the list of Access Point(s) that has firmware
available from the server. Check the boxes for the AP that you would like
to update and click the “Update” button below.




The controller will ask the user to confirm the update.


The firmware update will take several minutes, depending on the quantity
of APs to update and the speed of the internet connection.


After successfully updating the firmware, go to “Device
Management” and click “Access Points” to check the
status of the Managed Access Points.