The Wireless MAC address filter is a feature available on Neutron wireless
access points when running in standalone mode.  (When the AP is
managed by a controller or ezMaster, this is done by banning clients on
the controller, which automatically populates the MAC address filter to
deny those client device MAC addresses on all managed APs on the


The MAC address filter can be set up per SSID and has a limit of 32
entries per SSID. The MAC filter mode on each SSID can be set to either
block certain wireless devices or allow only certain wireless devices to
connect to the SSID. It is not possible to simultaneously have a MAC
address filter “block” list and an “allow”
list on an SSID.


  1. On the GUI, go to Network and select Wireless. Click on the Edit button
    of the SSID where the MAC filter will be enabled.



  1. Select the ACL mode whether to allow or deny wireless clients on the
    list to connect to the SSID.



  1. Type in the wireless MAC address of the wireless device that will be
    blocked/allowed and click on ADD.



  1. Click on SAVE. Click on CHANGES then APPLY.