Neutron Access Points managed by a Neutron switch can be updated using the
One-Click Update feature. This is possible as long as the Neutron switch
has internet access.


  1. The controller on the Neutron switch is notified that a new firmware is
    available. Click on the OCU button to access the One Click Update page.


Figure 1: EWS5912FP Controller GUI 


  1. A list of the Neutron devices with new firmware available will be on the
    Update List. You can also click on “Check for Updates” to
    check if any updates for managed Neutron devices are available. Select
    the device(s) on the list and click on “Update” to begin
    the firmware update.



Figure 2: OCU Update List


  1. Click on “OK”.



Figure 3: Update confirmation message


  1. Click “OK” once the progress bar has reached 100% and the
    update is complete.


Figure 4: OCU update progress bar