This article will show you how to use bulk update on ezMaster software.

Please make sure that you have the ezMaster installed and active/running
on a host computer.

Open your web browser (i.e. Internet explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla

Type the IP address of the ezMaster to the address bar of your web
browser. Type the login credentials you created upon installing the
ezMaster software.


 #1 Click on the Project”


 #2 Click Bulk Update (Under Maintenance)



Please make sure that you have the RAW Firmware file saved on a host

#3 Click Upload File



#4 Click Choose file and locate the RAW firmware that you saved on the
host computer


#5 Click Apply to upload the RAW firmware file to ezMaster Software


#6 Click OK once the upload is completed.

(You can also upload firmware for more than one AP model and have it
available within ezMaster.)



 #7 Select the correct firmware file and the access point/s
respectively and click Add to Upgrade


#8 Wait for the firmware to upload to the Access Points


 Note: The above also applies to Bulk Update (Switch)