1. After setting up your network adapter (go to this
    select “Play Virtual Machine” to launch the ezMaster
  2. When prompted to choose whether the image was moved or copied, select
    “I Copied It”.
  3. Once the installation script finishes running, you will be prompted
    to enter a login id and password for ezMaster. Enter

    Tip: Use Ctrl + Alt to return to Windows desktop installEZmFigure3.png
  4. When the command prompt appears, assign the ezMaster Server URL.
    (Tip: use Network Adapter Properties to check the info of your network
    installEZmFigure4.png installEZmFigure5.png
  • a) Enter ezMaster Server IP and netmask:
    config ip eth0 (eg. LAN Adapter IP is so I choose to use an unused IP Address is chosen
    to be used as ezMaster IP)
  • b) Enter ezMaster Server gateway:
    config gateway
  • c) Enter ezMaster DNS Server: config dns

You have completed installing ezMaster.

To know how to download and install VMWare Player, please click this