Please make sure that ezMaster software is active/running on a host

Login to ezMaster software: (default username is admin and password is

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Active Clients:

From here, you can view client information, as well as temporarily
disconnect or permanently block the wireless clients that are associated
with the Access Points. ezMaster is able to identify client devices
utilizing DHCP by their Operating System, device type and host name, if
available. If multiple Access Points are connected to the network, use the
search bar to find an Access Point by its name.


Kick/Ban Client

Use the Kick function to temporarily disconnect a wireless client from the
network. The disconnected client can simply reconnect manually if they
wish to.

Use the Ban function to permanently block a wireless client from the

Go to Device Management > Access Control to unblock the
wireless client.


Search Bar

Use the Search Bar to search for Wireless Clients managed by the EWS
Switch using the following criteria:
Client Name, Client IP, Client
MAC Address, Client OS, AP Device Name, AP MAC Address, Model Name,
Band, TX Traffic, RX Traffic.

Rogue AP Detection


The Rogue AP Detection feature on the ezMaster is a useful feature to
scan for Wi-Fi networks in the area thus identifying potential sources of
wireless interference.

For Rogue AP Detection to work, enable Background Scanning (2.4GHz and
5GHz for Dual-band Neutron APs).