A factor to consider is the distance between the devices on the
network. Copper (TX) has a limit of 100M (328 feet) while fiber can
transmit at longer distances. Multi-mode fiber can transmit up to 2Km at
100Mbps, up to 1,000m at 1Gbps, and 550m at 10Gbps. Single-mode can
transmit at a much longer distance with some samples transmitting at
10Km, 40Km and even 80Km and beyond.


It is always a good idea to incorporate a mixture of copper and
multimode fiber ports in the switch selection so that if there is a need
to connect to a device beyond 2km, the port available on the switch.
Always buy a switch with a few spare ports if possible – it is
less expensive than buying another switch for 1 or 2 ports.


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