The switch has two partitions to load a new config firmware for testing
and then easily roll back to an older firmware once testing is completed.

This dual partition is found under Switch>Management>Dual Image.
Partition 0 is the active partition.





To upgrade the switch click the upgrade button in the upper right corner
of the screen.



It is prudent to upgrade the new firmware image to the backup partition,
not the active partition. In this example Partition 1 is the backup
partition and the active partition is partition 0.


After you click browse and find the valid image firmware file to upload to
the switch, and click apply you will get this confirmation screen.
 Click the OK button to proceed.


After you click the okay button you will get another confirmation screen.
It’s important you click the upgrade button on the second screen in
time to not have the firmware process timeout. 6.jpg


The switch will ask you to reboot after the firmware has been loaded in
the partition. Please click the reboot button and log back into the


Now that the new firmware is loaded in the back up partition all that is
needed to have it running on the switch is for you to switch the active
partition to Partition 1 and not Partition 0. If doing this for testing
purposes then when you are done testing you can just switch the active
partition to Partition 0. If committing to the firmware that is loaded on
the active partition then please update Partition 0 to match the firmware
in Partition 1 and switch the active partition back to Partition