When deploying a device in repeater mode, here must also be at least a 50
percent cell overlap between the coverage cells so that the repeater and
AP can communicate with each other. Repeaters do provide coverage into
areas where a cable drop is not possible. However, all frame transmissions
must be sent twice, which decreases throughput and increases latency.
Because the AP cell and the repeater cell are on the same channel and
exist in the same layer 1 domain, all radios must contend for the medium.

Repeater environments add extra medium contention overhead, which also
affects performance. EnGenius recommends limiting the use of repeaters to
1 hop. Repeaters should only be used for low bandwidth applications such
as with barcode scanners, or low user density (less than 3 wireless
clients) environments.

If an repeater is necessary, a dual radio solution is recommended,
utilizing 5 GHz as a wireless backbone between APs and 2.4 GHz for
wireless access to client devices.


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