The Computer is unable to grab an IP address from the Native VLAN when
connected wirelessly to the EAP9550.


Answer: Basically this is a limitation on the EAP9550. You
can’t customize each SSID independently with tagging. You need to
replace the EAP9550 with EAP300, EAP350 or EAP600. For the EAP300, EAP350
and EAP600 it gives the option to select which SSID you can tag.


See VLAN setting from the interface of the EAP-9550/300/350 below:

EAP-9550 has no option to remove tagging on the SSID with untagged
VLAN frame. Once Virtual LAN is set to enabled on the interface, All SSIDs
(regardless with untagged frame) will be associated with tagged VLAN
frames from the wired network. 


Here's the VLAN setting from the interface of EAP300. When enabling
Virtual LAN, you also have the option to specify as to which SSID would be
associated to tagged or untagged VLAN frame from the wired network.

Here is the VLAN Setting from the interface of EAP350. Different from the
interface of above models. It did not mention enabling Virtual LAN but
Isolation. This option enables 802.1Q for VLAN tagging. Enable isolation
only with the SSID that will be associated to Tagged VLAN frames from the
wired network.