Common Client Side Issues with Wireless Roaming include:

1. Roaming aggressiveness of the wireless client is too high. Wireless
client hops between multiple AP`s, even though signal strength is stable.

2. Roaming aggressiveness of the wireless client is too low. – Wireless
client is “sticky” to a particular AP, even though stronger
AP is available. Best Wi-Fi practices:

  • Control the transmit power of each Access Point. – Properly set the
    transmit power in reference to its location, physical obstructions or
    type of environment and wireless interference from neighbouring AP`s.
    -We recommend users to set the transmit power initially to 14dBm on the
    2.4GHz, and 20dBm on the 5GHz, then have an incremental of 3dBm if
    necessary. Use an RSSI Tool to help identify the transmit power the AP
  • Set a relative Fast Handover/ RSSI Threshold value. -Some wireless
    client devices retain connection to a weak signal, even if there`s a
    stronger one available. -Set the RSSI Threshold/ Fast Handover value to
    -80dBm, which will force the client device to disconnect from the AP and
    allow it to scan and connect to a stronger signal. 

Please see attached file (EnGenius AP Best Practice Configuration) for
recommended settings that would help prevent wireless roaming issues as
well as wireless interference issues.