Captive Portal – Hotspot Services


A hotspot is a wireless network that provides access through a captive
portal. Use this feature to setup captive portal related configurations.


A captive portal provides registered users with network access while
containing unregistered users. Users will need to enter a valid user name
and password before they are allowed access to the Internet through the
hotspot. Once a Captive Portal Profile is created, the administrator can
apply this profile to multiple Guest Networks SSIDs.


Note: Captive portal profiles can only be assigned to the
Guest Network SSIDs.



Login Type:


Defines the mechanism by which a wireless client gains access to the
network after the client has associated to the SSID.


Splash & Go

The wireless client is granted network access without any further

authentication as soon as it is associates to the SSID.

Local User DB

The wireless client is authenticated using the EWS Switch's
local database

(from Hotspot Service > Guest Account).

External RADIUS Server

The wireless client is authenticated using an external RADIUS



Login Page:

A splash page is the web page which prompts the user to log in with a user
name and password, or accept a network use policy once the client has
associated to the SSID.


Local Web Page

Use the splash page hosted locally by EWS Switch. The local splash
page enable administrators to eliminate the need to set up a local
web server. Basic customizations like displaying a corporate logo,
custom message and term of use is available.

Redirect users to external URL

External splash page enables the administrator to host their own
the splash page web server, rather than having it hosted by the
EWS Switch.


Redirect Behavior: Configure where users will be
redirected after successful login. You could redirect them to the page
that they want to visit, or you could set a different page where users
will be redirected.


Redirect to the URL that the user was trying to visit


Select this option for ezMaster to cache the initial website from
the client during the authentication process and then forward it
to the originally targeted web server after the user successfully

Redirect users to a specified URL after login

Select this option to redirect users to a specific URLafter users
successfully authenticates.


User Session: Configure session timeout and ideal timeout


Session Timeout

Specify a time limit after which users will be disconnected and
required to log in again.

Idle Timeout

Specify a time limit for anidle client after which users will be
disconnected and required to log in again.


Walled Garden: This option allows users to define network
destinations that users can access before authentication. For example,
your company's website.


Guest Account


On this page, an administrator can create, edit, and remove user accounts
used for captive portal's local database authentication.


Add: Create a new user account.

Remove: Delete the selected user account.

Edit: Edit the settings of the selected user account.


There is no limit as to the number of user accounts that you can add to
the captive portal's local database.


Allowed Characters for the Guest Account:


Username: 0-9a-zA-Z_!@$%^*()-+=|<>,.?;{}~

Password: 0-9a-zA-Z_!@$%^*()-+=|<>,.?;{}~

0-9a-zA-Z~`!@#_={}:;<,>()^|space.$*[]/-(\r\n or \r or \n)