EnFile enables users creating their private cloud network and moving the
entertainment, workforce and productivity toward a mobile lifestyle.

With the free EnFile app, user(s) can use their smart devices to play
music and videos, backup photos and transfer other files to and from an
EnMESH router-attached USB hard drive when they’re in the home or
when they’re away from home. User can also use EnFile to remotely
monitor EnGenius EnMESH router usage or disconnect devices connected to
the device wherever they have Internet connection.

Features :

  • Access multimedia (Music/Video/Photo) and other document files
    (Microsoft Office, iWorks, PDF supported) easily from any mobile
  • Share or store media contents to and from Gateway/Router-attached
  • Customize favorite list for all files.
  • Enable automatic album backup to easily copy photos and videos to USB
    hard drive
  • Download and manage files in Collection for offline use
  • Log in from anywhere via Internet connection



: EnFile App only works with EnGenius IoT Gateways and Intelligent Routers