EnTurbo access points such as the ENS620EXT can be managed by Neutron
switches and by ezMaster. However, the ENS620EXT on early firmware v1.0.0
is not compatible with ezMaster and the Neutron Controller. This is easily
remedied by updating the firmware on the ENS620EXT using the latest
firmware which can be downloaded from the EnGenius website,


To update the ENS620EXT on early firmware to Neutron/EZMaster compatible
firmware, please follow the steps listed below:


1) Factory Rest the ENS620EXT

2) Upload the “ENS620EXTaddCAPWAP.bin” file first to the

3) Factory Reset the ENS620EXT

4) Upload the “ENS620EXT-int-” to the

5) Factory reset unit

6) The unit should be ready to work with the Neutron switch or ezMaster
Network Management Software.