A feature called “User Setting” in several
Electron models where the factory default settings can be overwritten with
the current AP settings.  This was included based on a specific
customer request, to ensure that a malicious user could not use a pin to
factory reset the physical AP.

Under the “User Setting” header, clicking
on “Backup” actually takes the current AP
configuration and writes it to replace the factory default, and
Restore” will rewrite the current
configuration with whatever custom user configuration was stored as

In the GUI, clicking on “Reset” under the
Factory Setting header will return the AP to factory default
settings.  However, when the User Setting has been backed up as
default, the hard reset with the physical button will restore the User
Setting, not the default setting.


The only way to revert the settings back to factory defaults is by
accessing the GUI and clicking on Reset to Default under
Factory Setting.



DO NOT use any buttons under the “User Setting” header.   If you need to back up your current
configuration to a file (which we do usually recommend), click the
Export” button under the
Factory Setting to create such a file.  If you have
other APs where the User Setting backup has already been engaged and you
cannot access the AP, please submit these units for RMA.

Applies to model: ENS1750/1200/620EXT, ENH1750H, and