EnGenius serves the Hospitality industry with flexible, reliable indoor, in-room and outdoor network solutions. Provide high-capacity Wi-Fi throughout the property and ensure guest satisfaction with optimal performance.

Flexible, Scalable Distributed Network Management

The Neutron Series is highly flexible, scaling to meet the needs of boutique hotels and larger chains alike. The solution enables administrators to quickly deploy, provision, manage and update an unlimited number of APs and switches throughout the property or remotely across multiple properties, all from one location via ezMaster Software.

High-Capacity, Future-Proof Networks

EnGenius' products employ peak performing wireless 11ac Wave2 technology to support the demands of busy hotels and restaurants. Upgrading networks from older, slower technology to 11ac future-proofs it for the next five years. Quickly and affordably add 11ac wireless coverage and increase network capacity in restaurants, conference rooms and in pool areas.

Secure Guest Networks & Branded Captive Portals

Offer secure Internet access to patrons or visitors with Neutron ezMaster's captive portal and Guest Network features. Provide secure, regulated access; customize splash pages and establish a dedicated Guest Networks. Create separate Virtual LANs for increased security, network reliability and bandwidth conservation.

Lower CAPEX + Lower OPEX = More $$ for Other Guest Amenities

EnGenius' industry-leading price-performance value delivers enterprise-class performance at affordable prices without licensing or subscription fees. By providing larger front-end discounts than its competitors, EnGenius lowers overall Wi-Fi capital and operational expenses, helping operators stretch their technology budgets.

Network Design Assistance & Unparalleled Customer Service

Whether you have a simple configuration question or need the assistance of our site design services, EnGenius offers a full product support system with CWNA-certified Field Application Engineers and Customer Service Technicians. Get the pre- and post-sales support you need to confidently deploy a high-performance network for your facility and guests.

"EnGenius access points give us better coverage than competing products, even when compared to other high-dollar APs that are double or triple the price tag. We’re responsible for monitoring about 300 APs and they’re very stable products."

Ervind Arya
CEO & General Manager | Hospitality MSP, AON, Inc.

Wi-Fi is hands-down the most desired amenity of business travelers today 

But merely offering Wi-Fi isn’t going to garner any five-star reviews for lodging. Guests now demand strong, reliable Wi-Fi that won’t dissapoint them with the endless wheel of buffering or dropped connections or those irritating lags. To get a better understanding of wireless technologies in the hospitality space, check out the following resources :

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