Cloud Enabled Switches

Manage by EnGenius Cloud

EnGenius Cloud defines the hierarchy view level as a multi-layered group of networks. You can configure networks including a combination of central IT management with total access privileges and regional IT teams with grouped network access.

View Devices Connections with Topology

The topology view displays all the devices managed by EnGenius Cloud and the relationships between network devices. You can see the real-time status of Access Points and switches and check the detailed information of PoE status, IP and MAC address, and throughput

Real-time Metrics Monitoring​

Check real-time information of port connection state and PoE utilization and make configurations for each port of individual switches.

Supervise Devices with Real-Time Metrics

Break down key performance diagnostics such as CPU, memory, and throughput to determine the root cause of the current network problem.

Manage Switches on-the-go

Get real-time notifications, check the device details of managed switches, and stay alert to all networks with EnGenius Cloud To-Go mobile App.

EnSky Managed Switches

On-Premises Central Management

EnSky managed network switches can play a role as an intermediate connection coordinator when managed by ezMaster or SkyKey for general settings, port settings, and power budget settings.

Unlimited scalability of Deployment

EnGenius makes your deployment scalable by different management modes . You can select the most effective management approach based on network architecture, administrative permissions, technical aptitude, or even budget.

Network Management Dashboard and Report

Get insights at a glance into your network’s health. Drill down to discover potential problem areas with switches, access points, or client devices.

Wireless Coverage Display with Floor Plan

Indicates the coverage of indoor access points for Wi-Fi planning purposes, and displays the reference signal strength.

Advanced PoE Features for Surveillance

The PoE extended mode allows you to deploy the camera over Ethernet cable up to 250 meters. PD lifeguard keeps watching the status of the camera and auto-reboot the failed camera when it is down. The Continuous PoE power supplies for the camera during the switch firmware upgrading.