Case Studies

  • Case Published: 2020/12/04

    LuLu Workers Accommodation

    • Abu Dhabi
    • Internet without lagging and blind spots with easy and central management of the network.
    • Access points EWS511AP, PoE Switch EWS7928P, and the visualized planning and managing tool ezWiFi Planner
  • Case Published: 2020/11/01

    Mandalay Waterboom Project

    • Myanmar
    • Wi-Fi coverage for whole water park and Bay resort with centralized network management, troubleshooting and configuration.
    • Plan & deploy with Cloud Outdoor AP & Switches and Ensky Indoor AP & Switches via own management, all with no license or subscription fees.
  • Case Published: 2020/9/30

    ILBC International School

    • Myanmar
    • Wi-Fi coverage for 9 International Schools with centralized network management by Cloud solution for monitoring process, troubleshooting and configuration.
    • Well plan & deploy EnGenius Cloud Indoor & Outdoor AP & Cloud Switches via Cloud management, all with no license or subscription fees.
    802.11ax AP Wireless
  • Case Published: 2020/8/13

    COVID19 Quarantine Dormitory

    • Singapore
    • The challenge is to deploy 2000 Access Points and 80 switches within 2 weeks in 5 workers dormitories. Due to confinement of each workers in a isolated room, Wi-Fi signals along the corridors will not be able to reach them. Therefore, all deployment is upgraded to in-room Wi-Fi
    • Few hundreds APs and switches can be provisioned in advance before physical deployment. Remote maintenance and monitoring with the centralized dashboard also lowered the risk of the IT staff being affected
    Indoor AP Network Switch
  • Case Published: 2020/8/13

    Hospital LAM WAH EE

    • Penang, Malaysia
    • The building is old and needed a upgrade of their Network infrastructure
    • 60 2x2 11ac/11ax Cloud Access Point is being deployed across the corridors of the Hospital Building
    Indoor AP
  • Case Published: 2020/8/13

    Jollibee Food Corp.

    • Vietnam
    • Needed to upgrade the current Wi-Fi device. Allow Wi-Fi Advertising in their stores and engage their guest
    • 2~3 units of 2x2 11ac/11ax Cloud Access Point is being deployed into all 100 stores, total of 200 units of ECW120/ECW220
    802.11ax Indoor AP
  • Case Published: 2020/7/16

    THE Eden Garden Mall

    • Phnom Penh, Cambodia
    • A mesh Wi-Fi coverage on whole Eden Garden mall and centralized network management
    • Plan & deploy outdoor AP for mesh linking via Skykey (ezMaster network management), all with no license or subscription fees)
    ezMaster Hospitality Outdoor AP Wireless
  • Case Published: 2020/7/16

    Sharjah American University

    • Sharjah, UAE
    • Network solution to support centralized management, configuration and maintenance tools.
    • ezWIFI Planner & 32 units of EWS377AP / 6 units of EWS7952FP / 20 units of EWS1200-28TFP / 6 units of EWS7928P
    802.11ax Indoor AP
  • Case Published: 2020/7/14

    The Garden City Beach Park

    • Cambodia, Phnom Penh
    • WiFi Coverage for the whole Water Park
    • 23 units of ENH1350 EXT and 7 units of EWS377AP
    802.11ax Hospitality Indoor AP Outdoor AP
  • Case Published: 2020/3/11

    TiniWorld Stores Vietnam

    • Vietnam
    • Wireless Solution that easy to be managed and accessed remotely from HQ
    • EnGenius Cloud Solution
    802.11ax AP Indoor AP Wireless
  • Case Published: 2020/2/12

    EnGenius Cloud Wi-Fi 6 Deployment

    • Taipei, Taiwan
    • Provide Smooth Wi-Fi Connection in High-Density Environment
    • EnGenius Cloud Solution
  • Case Published: 2019/12/26

    The Kayana Lombok

    • Lombok, Indonesia
    • Good Wi-Fi coverage to all area of the resort
    • EnSky Solution
    ezMaster Indoor AP Network Switch Outdoor AP