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  • EnGenius 11ax

    EnGenius WiFi6

  • EnGenius EnJet

    EnJet Technology

  • EnGenius ENS620EXT Outdoor Access Point

    High-speed Wi-Fi outside

  • Visualize Your WiFi: Wireless Network Design

    As wireless technology and connected smart devices continue to advance, wireless design is imperative to ensure proper connection at all times. EnGenius makes it easy to visualize your WiFi with expert wireless network design. Assess, analyze and optimize your networks to Overcome the complexities of any environment with the ezWiFi Planner. The ezWiFi Planer is an intuitive, easy-to-use design tool that shows you the best AP selection, setting and placement to meet your environmental demands. Whether you are planning for indoor applications or outdoor point-to-point applications, the tool will visualize your deployment through active heat maps and present a predictive model of your application to save time and improve your network deployment efficiencies.

  • EnGenius ezWiFi Planner (EU)

    EnGenius ezWiFi Planner Available in 2018!

  • Network Management with ezMaster

    Network Management with ezMaster

  • EnGenius EnTurbo Indoor and Outdoor Series

    EnGenius EnTurbo Indoor and Outdoor Series

  • EnGenius Neutron Series: Wireless Management Solutions

    EnGenius Management with ezMaster

  • End to End Solution

    End to End Solution