Visualize Your Networks with Insights and AI-driven Advisory

EnGenius Cloud Dashboard provides a holistic assessment of network health, scoring your network with radar charts based on AP congestion rate, CPU/memory utilization, throughput, and other factors.


Wi-Fi Heat Maps for Access Point Monitoring in Real Time

The included ezWi-Fi Planner accepts an upload of your floor plan and simulates Wi-Fi coverage with a heat map of the current Tx power and channel, factoring in physical obstacles and other impediments to your coverage.

Hierarchical View that Mirrors Network Design

Organize your networks for multi-user that reflect the real-world privilege by locations, business units, and regions for better management of networks.

Topology View with Speed Testing Tool

Display the relationship between APs and switches. IT can locate a specific switch and ports connected to a problematic AP for troubleshooting.

AI-Driven Advisory Board to Pinpoint Real Issues

The AI-based Feature will look into the average patterns of AP to understand if any abnormal situation and give warnings based off those changes.

Layer-7 Application-Aware Traffic Dashboard

EnGenius Cloud access points have a Layer 7 DPI engine embedded to collect application traffic information right at the source, eliminating the need to add a separate L7 traffic box and removing a potential speed bottleneck.

Investigate Troublesome Clients with Device Timeline

IT managers can pull up an entire device's history using client MAC addresses or serial numbers. Get the AP currently connected to the device, authentication status, and the time required to roam to another AP.

Real-Time Device Status for Diagnosis

EnGenius Cloud observes the CPU/memory utilization rate in real time. Compare with historical statistics to determine whether a device should be reset or just monitored for future problems.

Real-time Notifications On the Go

The EnGenius Cloud mobile app offers highly customizable notifications for users to pinpoint and rectify issues at their source, fast.

Cloud White Paper

See how EnGenius Cloud's unique features achieve reliable and scalable infrastructure and help IT managers better visualize their networks with important insights.