Device Configuration


Guest Wi-Fi Customization​

EnSky Solution provides hotspot service for guest Wi-Fi access with a captive portal page. The management system hosts an internal database to store captive portal profiles​.


Group Settings for Multiple WLAN Profiles

EnSky Solution’s management platform prompts users to provide configuration and management for the following parameters: SSID based WLAN Settings, mesh settings, and wireless radio settings.


Radio Frequency Management Suite

EnSky Solution offers a host of RF management setting features to optimize your network's performance. Features includes fast roaming, whitelisting and blacklisting, band steering, and traffic shaping.


A PoE Switch and a Controller Switch

Your switch can play a role as an intermediate connection coordinator when managed by ezMaster or SkyKey for general settings, port settings, and power budget settings.

Visualized Monitoring​​

Real-Time System Dashboard

View your network through a comprehensive dashboard. The network health check monitors all key status indicators and alerts you to abnormal network behavior.

Get a Different Perspective

Topology View​

Show the relationships between your devices, switch ports and AP device information, connected client number, IP address, and wireless operating channels.

Map View

For outdoor or large-scale deployments, users can review deployed AP status on the map. Notifications can be configured for any potential problems.

Floor Plan

EnSky features RSSI simulation tools, so users can preview AP coverage and anticipate potential blind spots on their uploaded floor plan with floor view.

Network Management

Deploy and Manage in a More Granular Way

EnSky Solution's management platform is a multi-tenant system for ease of system maintenance and management. Access is governed by user privileges for flexible device assignment and multi-tenant administration for different projects.

Wi-Fi Availability and Scheduling

Wi-Fi access control, whitelisting, and blacklisting options are provided to allow or restrict access from separate groups of users. Scheduling is available for rebooting, SSID availability, and firmware upgrades.

Event Monitoring and Notification

Users can apply filters to customize the focus of their management strategies on events of particular concern. Monitoring can be linked to the system's email server to notify managers of events of interest via their inbox.