EnGenius EnSky

Versatile On-Premise Central Management Solution

An innovative total solution with a rich product portfolio comprising indoor and outdoor wireless devices, managed Ethernet switches, and on-premises management tools, SkyKey hardware and ezMaster software.


EnSky's suite of tools helps you deploy managed Wi-Fi to integrate with an existing on-site network or build customized networks from scratch. Users can remotely access the platform to configure, monitor, and manage networks in a centralized location by web or on a mobile app.

Device Configuration

WLAN configuration and group settings for APs and switches

Visualized Monitoring

Monitor and provide visualizations of AP status and active clients

Network Management

Multi-tenant system maintenance and real-time event notification


EnSky offers flexible deployment and management options, the latest in security with tunneling connections, and self-healing routing algorithms with enterprise-level mesh.

Flexible Controller Deployments

LAN deployment across different subnets or manage remote devices

Secure Tunnel Connection

Control packets are all encrypted between EnSky and managed devices

Enterprise-Level Mesh

Adds devices quickly, optimizes routes, and immediately self-heals


Flexible and Scalable Network Deployments

Local Network Deployment with SkyKey

Users can deploy their devices onto the SkyKey web interface, which then become available for selection to a user-created project for further customization.

Single Site / Same Subnet

On-site deployment up to 100 access points + switches

LAN / Cross-Subnet

Deploy SkyKey on each network segment across subnets

Remote Access for Multiple EnSky Platforms

Multiple EnSky platforms can be deployed for cross-network and access in a central place by listing your Skykey hardwares or ezMaster in EnGenius Cloud, no matter how many SkyKey-based devices are in your network.


EnGenius EnWiFi Mobile App

The EnWiFi App enables single device or group settings for both indoor and outdoor applications, with quick-setup options for deployment and monitoring for initial configuration.

  • Auto-discovery for EnGenius devices within network
  • Quick monitoring and troubleshooting for proublemetic APs
  • Individual or group configuration made easy