Online Courses

New to networking?
Network Associate Course is perfect for those who new to networking and covers a range of networking basics.

Course Outline

1. Networking & Radio Frequency (RF) Fundamentals
2. How Wi-Fi Works as a Protocol
3. Best Practices for Wi-Fi Design & Deployment
4. Point-to-(Multi)Point Wireless Distribution System (WDS) Applications
5. Hands-On Setup of a WDS Link
6. Introduction to EnGenius’ Distributed Network Management Solution
7. Hands-On Configuration of a Managed Wi-Fi Network using Neutron Switches & APs

Classroom Courses Solution Specialist Course is an instructor-LED classroom, focuses on specific features and function of EnGenius. The course includes lab activities using EnGenius Neturon Series and emphasis on how to design, build & troubleshooting WLAN.

Course Outline

1. Introduction to EnGenius’ Neutron Series Distributed Network Management Solution
2. Neutron Series Unique Features and Algorithm
3. Wi-Fi Planning & Design
4. Vertical Market Application & Implementation
     •  Hospitality Wi-Fi
     •  Education Wi-Fi
     •  Retail Wi-Fi
5. Monitoring & Troubleshooting
6. Hands-On Installation and Configuration

Surveillance Course Outline

1. Pre-requisites for Wireless  Surveillance
2. Requirements for Wireless Surveillance deployment
3. Types of Wireless Surveillance deployment
4. EnGenius Wireless Surveillance Solution
5. Wireless Surveillance Best Practices
6. Success Stories Discussion